Mary A. Valverde

Mary A. Valverde (born 1975, Queens, New York) is an interdisciplinary artist, professor, and writer based in New York. Valverde teaches at Hunter, Brooklyn College, & Cooper Union School of Art and has lectured at institutions including Stanford University and Long Island University's MFA departments. Valverde is Commissioner (Sculptor seat), of the Art Commission / Public Design Commission of the City of New York, since 2015. She received her MFA at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012 and her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NY in 1999. Valverde is the recipient of University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Design's Full Dean's Diversity Fellowship, and in 2010 received the Artist Fellowship, Inc. Individual Artist Award and the Mayer Foundation Grant. Mary A. Valverde was the 2011 MFA Lecturer at the ICA Philadelphia, was the Thomas Hunter Ceramic Artist in Residence in 2014, artist in residence at Artist Alliance Residency 2007, and at Aljira Center for Contemporary Art's Emerge Program in 2006. Valverde has exhibited her work at MoCA North Miami, The New Jersey State Museum, BRAC, Art Center South Florida, El Museo del Barrio, The Queens Museum of Art, Jersey City Museum, Momenta Gallery, Saltworks Gallery, Corridor Gallery, Rush Arts Gallery, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Abrons Art Center, Cuchifritos Gallery, Aferro Gallery, Tribes Gallery, among others. Valverde has contributed to various projects through the BASE collective.

Artist's Statement
I create installations reminiscent of sacred spaces and material offerings. The works propose relationships between the forms, marks, and measurements that intend to diagram the visceral. The work brings together various ephemera material components that formulate a visual network based on arithmetic diagrams. The work is a chronicling, indexing and archiving of patterns, and the examining of ways in which they empower and adorn space, the body and the psyche.

Time and space are emphasized through marks and impressions in my drawings, photographs, installations and performances. There is a consistent balance of action and restraint, freedom and limitation, and attraction and resistance that plays out in all of my work. I try to maintain a sense of immediacy and directness by a fusion of process, material and the body. I employ the innate qualities of malleable and ephemeral materials (sometimes ink, string, fabric, cotton, wire, oil, water, coffee, cocoa butter etc.) to examine the politics of production, exploitation, social roles, culture and tradition. Working in series has forced a continuous focus and understanding of myself in relation to the act of making.

"Valverde is a cultural practitioner invested in ritual, the quotidian and syncretic relationships. She is a copious researcher with a ravenous appetite for the trans-physics we create as a society. " William Cordova

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AC Institute Gallery
Abrons Art Center / Henry St. Settlement, NY
ACP Gallery
Aljira, Center for Contemporary Art
Binge + Purge
BASE Collective
Cuchifritos Gallery
Corridor Gallery
Diaspora Vibe Gallery
El Museo del Barrio
Gallery Aferro
Jersey City Museum
Local Project
Momenta Gallery
PS1 Studio Visits
Salt Works Gallery
Taller Boricua Gallery
Queens Museum of Art
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Windows on Market Street (Spotlight Alira Emerge Alumni)
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